Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Cleaning of a tile floor!

A busy local restaurant contacted SERVPRO of Orangeburg to clean the entryway floor after an unsatisfactory job by another company previously. Upon arrival our ... READ MORE

Soda Blasting a Stone Wall

We had a customer contact SERVPRO of Orangeburg concerning a stone wall inside of a room. This stone wall was older and had some build up on it causing it to lo... READ MORE

We Also Clean Duct Work

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems, also referred to as HVAC, do use filters; however, they don't stop all particles of debris. The particles that get pas... READ MORE

Spilled Wine? No Problem.

SERVPRO of Orangeburg has been in business for 50 years. That has given us time to perfect the art of mitigation and cleaning. Our carpet crew chief, Max, has b... READ MORE

Before/after pictures of soda blasting on a bollard

This bollard pole was cleaned using our state of the art soda blasting machine. Soda blasting is a mildly abrasive form of blasting where sodium bicarbonate par... READ MORE

Sewage damage to Home

These photos were taken of a customer's hallway that SERVPRO of Orangeburg ran across on a sewage damage call. The job ultimately required us to do a lot of de... READ MORE